Hospo Awards

Sam from C1 Cafe wanted to resurrect the Christchurch Hospitality awards -  it died a quiet death a decade ago but Christchurch is a different place now after the quakes -  new bars, new people, new visions and we were tasked with creating the new brand award and website for the event.

A Chevron means class and quality but also nicely doubled as a menu. Alongside it we create a framework of old victorian paintings and scenes with irreverent type to set the tone for the event. 

With the award itself we crafted it out of New Zealand hardwood and then lacquered the one face 5 times to create an ultra smooth finish -  colour coded for each category. If you are a lucky winner that gets more then one award they can stack nicely on top of each other to display in the winners establishment.

NZ Best Awards Finalist