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Cards for Kaikoura

On the 14th of November 2016 a pretty big earthquake struck Kaikoura, up the coast from us in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

So as a studio we made some calls to our illustrator buddies and came up with a plan. All the illustrators donated their talents to create our set of six illustrations depicting our friends from the ocean in a limited edition 6 postcard set. 1000 only. All the proceeds have gone to Kaikoura  Lions Foundation and we raised $17,000 which will help the coast and the creatures that live amongst the waves.  You can see the full set here at 

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Best Awards Finalists

When your work gets recognised amongst the best in the country it's a good feeling and we stand by the fact that good design really does matter when it comes to effectiveness and results. We're stoked to have 5 finalists in this years NZ Best Design awards adding to the tally of 25 over the past 3 years. You can see our work and the other great stuff around the country here. Thanks to the clients that trust us - we like you lots.

stephen mccarthy
Wine Fest Rebrand

We've just finished rebranding the South Island Wine and Food Festival for Team Event in Christchurch. Typography, colours patterns and a new language to set the tone for the festival. You can buy tickets here for the event which is on Dec 3 2017. The new website is up here and you'll start to see the brand appear around the country soon.

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Cancer Ball 150k

We created the Brand and Web for The Christchurch Cancer Society  Ball working alongside event organisers Brown Bread and pleased to say it was a record year with over $150k raised on Saturday Night. A good testament to true partnerships and the power of good branding helping a good cause. Looking forward to cracking into it again next year.

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AllRight Paper

One of our long standing clients AllRight are great because they trust us. When we pitched an idea using large paper sculptures to tell the story to Cantabrians for the latest campaign they said yes. We'll have the full finished project up soon but here's a glimpse of the work before photography and colourising. Thanks to Phil Fickling for the craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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Buskers - End of an Era

We've been the Creative Partner to the World Buskers Festival for the past 8 years and we see it as something of our wee offspring. But we've decided to relinquish the role and let someone else inject their heart and soul into it for 2017. After 8 years we've stepped down and hopefully someone else fills the gap with some bold, ambitious, crazy work. Thanks Buskers -  we've been proud of what we've achieved and wish you all the best.

stephen mccarthy